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In today's competitive, deregulated energy market, the ability to supply stable, reliable electric power is essential to customer satisfaction and longevity. Transmission and distribution system service providers are expected to offer superior service to their customers without fail. Likewise, energy developers are accountable for cost effective projects that meet both client schedule and satisfaction. At RLC, we believe that these energy providers and developers deserve the same exceptional service from their consultants. Our quality-driven services result in empowering solutions.

We provide a comprehensive array of power systems studies and engineering services to various electric energy-related clientele. Our engineering services range from substation and transmission line design, relay scheme designs, and arc flash hazard studies to Owner's engineering and standards development. RLC's comprehensive power systems studies work, the keystone of our service portfolio, includes short-circuit fault analyses, power flow and stability studies, switching studies, and harmonics analyses, just to name a few. Additionally, our staff is competent and knowledgeable users of PSS/E, PSLF, ASPEN, ATPDraw, and other software analysis tools for system planning studies.

RLC is reputed throughout the Northeast for superior engineering and system analyses supported by a staff with an impeccable knowledge of the regulations. Our energy solutions empower our clients to meet their customer demands and expectations. RLC is steadfast in our focus of client satisfaction and shares our energy clients' interests of reliable, stable electric supply.

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